Free Panty Offer Terms & Conditions

How Do I Get My Free Pair? 

All new customers can get their first Joyja period panty for FREE. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow @WearJoyja on TikTok & copy the discount code in the bio
  2. Choose the pair you want on (=any pairs except super absorbency panties)
  3. Paste the code at checkout and only pay a $4.95 shipping fee 

This code is valid for US orders only and on a specific collection (=any pairs except super absorbency panties).This offer is only applicable to new customers who made an order after 12/6/2022. Only 1 use per customer.

This discount code cannot be combine with any other discount codes. However, this code can be used with a gift card code.


How Do I Get My Shipping Fee Refunded?

Get the shipping fee for your first order automatically refunded when you place a second order for $60+. All you have to do is:

  1. Place a second order of $60+ (~2-3 new period panties which also means free shipping for your 2nd order!)
  2. $4.95 will be automatically credited back using the original payment method at the end of your 30-day risk-free trial (~31 days after the delivery of your second order) 

If you haven't used the adequate code to get your first pair for free (instructions described above), the shipping fee for your first order won't be automatically refunded. You'll have to contact us at

Additionally, if your first order has been canceled or refunded, the shipping fee for your first order won't be refunded.

Also, the $4.95 amount cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash