Our mission is to make
periods better for everyone.


the amount of time the average person spends having a period in their lifetime

66 LBS

the amount of annual sanitary waste that takes 400+ years to degrade


the amount of people on earth who don't have access to sanitary products during their periods

Better For You

Our state-of-the-art technology is made with comfort and accessibility in mind—so you don't have to worry about leaks, embarrassing odors, *or* spending hundreds of dollars on sanitary pads a year. Our stylish panties are here to make you, your period, and your bank account happier.

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Better For The Planet

7 million tampons end up in a landfill every year on average. It doesn't have to be this way. Our period products aren't just nice for you, they're nice for the planet too. Periods are exhausting enough—they shouldn't drain the earth's resources too.

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Better For Everyone

Period-product accessibility is a cause we hold close to our hearts. We’re proud to work with partners like I Support The Girls so we can donate a pair of panties to a person in need every time you purchase on our website.

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