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7 Things to Know About Period Panties

Shannon Elizabeth

Sustainable! Better for the environment! But...isn’t it gross? 

You’ve probably heard these things and more to describe the new trend in menstruation – period panties. Whether you’re new to the world of period underwear or have tried them a few times, you likely still have some questions. Read on as we answer your FAQs about this game-changing, technology-based underwear.

What are period panties? 

Period panties are underwear made up of fabric that absorbs menstrual flow in ways similar to tampons, pads or the menstrual cup, but without the extra bulk or leakage. And just like tampons or pads, they come in a variety of absorbencies – from light to super absorbent – so you can use them according to your personal needs and flow level. 

The most significant difference between period underwear and typical menstrual products is that period panties are reusable – you can wash them and wear them over and over again – great for your purse and the planet!

How do period panties work? 

For those of us used to disposable period products, the idea of letting blood flow into our underwear may seem strange and hard to fathom--just how does this work without causing stains and wetness?

The key lies in the multiple layers of fabric and state-of-the-art technology that work together to absorb, wick moisture, and prevent leakage. 


period panties absorbency test


Still worried about leaks? No worries! You can always use the panty as a backup for your preferred menstrual products. 

OK, but is period underwear comfortable?

With four layers of fabric and all that blood to absorb, you might think that period underwear would feel almost as bulky as wearing a pad or even a diaper? Not so! The inner layers are thin enough to be barely noticeable, and they’re wrapped within a super soft outer layer that feels just like (or even better than!) your regular, everyday underwear. 

And also like regular underwear, period panties come in a variety of designs and styles to choose from: from the barely-there, lightweight absorbency of the thong to the heavy-to-super absorbency of the high-waisted style

Are period panties safe and hygienic? 

You may have heard about period underwear potentially containing PFAS, a chemical that has been linked to cancer and other diseases. You can rest assured knowing that all Joyja products are certified PFAS-free by external labs. No toxic chemicals here!

You might also be wondering about sanitary concerns – won’t all that moisture cause yeast infections and odors? 

Nope! Remember the multiple-layer fabric we mentioned earlier? The second layer works to keep your underwear dry and odor-free so you don’t have to worry about wetness or smells. Just remember to rinse and wash your panties as soon as possible to prevent any staining. 

reusable and washable period panties

Is period underwear worth the money? 

We know that purchasing period underwear costs more than your standard panty. But think about what you’re saving in the cost of all those tampons and pads! And you won’t have to worry about replacing all your ruined underwear from those pesky blood stains. 


In addition, consider the cost-per-wear: the price of the item divided by how many times you wear it. Just like spending a little more on quality clothing that lasts vs. cheap threads that fall apart after a few washes, it’s definitely worth paying a bit more now. 

Still, we understand the impact of period poverty and do our best to make our products as affordable as possible. That’s also why every time you make a purchase, we donate a pair of panties to a person who needs them.

Are period panties better than pads or tampons? 

Though everyone has their own preference, there are some clear benefits for choosing period panties over disposable products: 

  • Less bulky and more comfortable to wear
  • Can wear for longer periods of time
  • Cheaper to use in the long run
  • No need to  remember to constantly change out or carry replacements with you 
  • Better for the environment
  • No risk of toxic shock syndrome 
  • No need to constantly replace stained underwear


How do I get started?

We hope this article has given you the flowdown on period panties! To ease into wearing period underwear, start using it on a light flow day towards the end of your cycle, or use a tampon/pad as backup. Check out our products page, where you can filter by style, color, and more to find the right type for you.