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Behind the Seams: What Inspired Our New Winter Collection

Laylah Funk

Now that we’re officially in the throes of winter—or the most wonderful time of  year, as some would say—we’re ready as ever to dress for the season (with hot toddies in tow). I had a talk with one of Joyja’s designers, Arianna, to get the 4-1-1 on the inspiration behind the styles in the brand-new Winter Collection, and she did not disappoint. Inspired by snow days and starlit nights by the fire, these festive prints and moody solids are definitely staying at the top of my winter-wardrobe rotation. 

Seeing Stars

Model wearing Alice panties

This year, we all saw the rise in astrology trends—and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t hesitate to share “Why Leos are always late” to my Instagram story, courtesy of Co—Star. Joyja’s designers picked up on this cosmic trend and turned it into a playful astrological print that’s totally their own.

“Astrology is as old as time, but right now it’s really trendy,” said Arianna, one of Joyja’s super-talented designers. “We played into the trend with big, classic stars that we can feel nostalgic about—and spiced it up with holiday-inspired sparkles and wintry star motifs.”

Fun fact: Whenever new styles drop, the Joyja team picks one print to add to the Teens & Tweens Collection—and the Seeing Stars print made the cut! I know when I was a young teen, I always got really excited about fun prints, which is exactly what you get from this style. “There’s always a little bit of a challenge in making a print that works for the Teens & Tweens line and the regular line,” said Arianna. “You don’t want it to look too young or too sophisticated.” Personally, I think this part-celestial, part-disco print is the perfect mix! Hats off to the team!

Potent Purple

Model wearing Ella panties

Yup—the Joyja designers played into the celestial-mysticism trend with this dark and moody solid, too. Basically, Arianna was looking for a color that gives a subtle nod to the trend while also bringing cozy warmth for the winter—and this potent purple ended up being her favorite hue of the collection. “The lace is a little brighter than the rest of the panty, which adds some fun dimension and contrast while still keeping it really wearable and comfy.”

This sweet-as-sugar (plum) hue is perfect for cold winter nights and holiday parties to come—but I have a feeling this timeless color will be an all-year-round staple, too. 

Fanciful Fair Isle

Model wearing Alice panties

A classic design with an updated twist, this fair isle print uses super-cute hearts and simple motifs to add that little bit of nostalgia we all love. When designing this (already) fan-favorite print, choosing this potent purple as the base color wasn’t coincidental. “I’ve noticed that people tend to gravitate toward the darker colors when shopping for panties, especially period panties,” said Arianna. “I wanted to give some newness based on what we know are our customers’ favorites.”

I’ll go ahead and label that mission accomplished, ‘cause I think I can speak for everyone when I say I can’t get enough of this print. Classic fair-isle styles are always popular during winter months because they’re so cozy, and the Joyja designers gave it an added twist with bright, happy colors and novelty hearts. I’m obsessed.

Evening Blue

Model wearing Lily black panties

Keeping up with the latest trends, the designers at Joyja saw that dark tones—like graphite and indigo—are definitely having a moment (which is no surprise given the latest obsession with astrology). “Hyper-enriched tones like navy blue are really popular right now, but it’s also a timeless color that you can wear all year round,” said Arianna. “We wanted to create an everyday, all-the-time look that you’d still gravitate toward during the winter—and we landed on this rich navy.” In other words, Arianna pretty much read my mind, because I’m constantly reaching for this classic midnight hue.