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Spotlight: Ashley Mizell from Blind Mom of Boys

Ashley Mizell

"I lost my vision 2 years ago due to an autoimmune disease sarcoidosis I had no idea. I was a photographer, I have three little boys and a husband and ended up in the complete dark with scar tissue growing over my eyes within 3 weeks and recently went for a stem cell treatment this past July to try and get my vision back.

I started using Joyja products after I got sick and I am obsessed. I have the high waisted ones and I wear them the first day all the way until the last, I sometimes put a tampon in on my heavy days but I haven’t ever leaked through since wearing them. I love, love, LOVE them. I’m finishing up my cycle right now and have the pair on and my husband even said they looked cute on me. I was so excited to hear him say that to me. It felt good."

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