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Spotlight: Rainey Horwitz M.S. from SexplainedMed Joyja Review

Rainey Horwitz

"I am a second year MD student and run a sex positive health insta page and YouTube!

Before med school, I was a history and philosophy of sex and science researcher for nearly 4 years. I’m trying really hard to normalize sex (and pleasure informed) conversations in medicine and help other health workers learn about the importance of removing stigma and shame from the doctors office.

The stigma surrounding periods is so intense, which is why I have fallen in LOVE with Joyja period undies and recommend them to friends, family, patients and colleagues. I didn't realize it was possible to feel comfortable AND sexy during your period until using Joyja undies regularly. Dealing with periods in med school can be a struggle, especially surrounded by so many non-menstruators who are able to focus on school non stop without interruptions from mother nature.

Model wearing black Alice panties.

Now, I just throw a pair on with my cup and am able to go on with my day and stay focused without having to interrupt for period management. My goals as a future physician surround helping people become better equipped for promoting more positive, healthier sexual practices among patients, and Joyja's period products are a fantastic resource I keep in my toolbox."

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