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Aidan Shortie

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Super absorbency power
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Color: Amethyst Orchid
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This shortie actively keeps up with teen needs and adds a little coverage. This shortie actively keeps up with teen needs and adds a little coverage. Read more
This shortie actively keeps up with teen needs and adds a little coverage.
  • For your super flow needs: absorbs up to 36ml
  • Outer panty composition: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Inner panty layer 1 composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex liner with dry fit function
  • Inner panty layer 2 composition: 100% Polyester
  • Antimicrobial technology: 95% organic cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Leak Proof technology: PUL Leakproof layer in crotch
  • Certified PFAS-free by external labs
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Frequently Asked Qs

How do period panties work?

Our period panties absorb your flow, and keep you fresh, dry, and protected whenever you're wearing them.

•ANTI-ODOR & ANTI-HUMIDITY: The first two layers banish odors and wick away moisture from your skin to keep you fresh and dry all day (and night).

•SUPER ABSORBENT: The inner layer absorbs liquid and locks it in. Depending on the absorbency level you choose, they can absorb up to five regular tampons' worth of liquid.

•LEAKPROOF: The leak resistant outer layer helps protect you from unwanted leaks, keeping your clothes and sheets as spotless as can be.

Are these to be used with something else—like a tampon or cup—or can they be used alone?

It's up to you!

Our light and moderate-absorbency styles are great for using as "backup," or alone on your lighter days. Our heavy and super-absorbency styles are absorbent enough to be worn alone on your heaviest days, but if your flow is extra-heavy, they work great as an ultra-reliable backup, too, if that makes you feel more comfy and secure.

How do I know which absorbency level to purchase?

Joyja period panties comes in four absorbency levels: light absorbency, moderate, heavy to super absorbency. Choose a higher absorbency if your flow is heavy or if you want to free bleed wearing Joyja period panties alone. If you have a lighter flow, or just want a backup to wear with a cup or tampon, our lighter absorbency might be just what you're looking for. Here’s a quick rundown:


Equivalent to: 36ml = 5 regular tampons' worthWhen to use: For those extra heavy days—or just whenever you need all the absorbency power you can get.


Equivalent to: 20ml = 4 regular tampons' worthWhen to use: Alone on your moderate & heavy days, or as worry-free backup to a cup, tampon or a pad on your heavy days


Equivalent to: 15ml = 3 regular tampons' worthWhen to use:Alone on your light or moderate period days, or as backup on your moderate days.


Equivalent to: 5ml = 2 regular tampons' worthWhen to use: Alone on light period days, as backup to other products, or for sneaky leaks & discharge.

Will I smell?

Nope. Not at all!

Remember: All of our panties have a thin layer of comfy, ultra-soft & anti-microbial fabric that removes sweat odor and eliminates bacteria to keep you fresh and odor-free. (They also have other three other layers of fabric for ultimate comfort and protection!)

Just make sure to care for them properly and wash them to keep things fresh.

Are they safe?

Our panties have been tested in external laboratories for potentially harmful chemicals and are certified PFAS (or harmful chemical)-free, and our absorbent technology involves a PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) leakproof layer.

We mention this in every product description because it's so important to us! They're also anti-microbial.

Is there coverage in the front and back for sleeping?

The absorbent panel on most of our panties is located primarily within the crotch area, typically one to three inches from the waistband of the underwear depending on the style.

Each panty has a single layer of protection from the absorbent panel towards the top of the waistband on either side. If you look closely at the product pictures, you will see the line of demarcation of the absorbent panel and extra single lining of the underwear.

(Psst—we recommend our Emily Shortie specifically for sleeping!)

Are these washable?

Yep! Our period panties are machine-washable & reusable so you can wear them again and again.

Simply rinse them in the sink, either hand wash or throw them in the washing machine (on a gentle cycle with cold water), and hang 'em up or lay flat to dry. Just steer clear of fabric softener and bleach!

Can I wear them all day?

It depends!

If your flow is heavy, we recommend changing them every four to six hours. However, you can definitely wear them for as long as you feel comfortable, especially overnight.

It's possible to wear them for 24 hours, depending on how light or heavy your flow is, but wearing them for too long isn't something we recommend, since exposure to air might lead to bacteria growth.

How much waste am I saving by switching to period panties?

See for yourself: The average menstruator will use between five thousand to fifteen thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime—which, of course, is a lot.

Here’s the kicker: The vast majority of them will end up in landfills and oceans, and won’t degrade for 500 years (you know, because of the plastic and chemicals used in them). That’s a whole lot of waste that can be avoided by switching to reusable period panties. And period panties are also easier on the wallet, since you won't have to buy new single-use products every single month.

Won't it feel wet or bulky?

No diaper or pad vibes here! Our panties are thin, breezy, and designed to feel just like regular underwear.

The leakproof layers wick away wetness and odor to keep you high and dry, while absorbing the liquid, so you won't feel any wetness or weighed down by bulkiness.

How It Works

Our panties use state-of-the-art technology inside our 4 layers of fabric for ultimate comfort & protection.

Layer 1 of Joyja panties
Layer 1 of Joyja panties selected
Layer 2 of Joyja panties
Layer 2 of Joyja panties selected
Layer 3 of Joyja panties
Layer 3 of Joyja panties selected
Layer 4 of Joyja panties
Layer 4 of Joyja panties selected
Absorbs Moisture

a super-fine middle layer absorbs your flow all day, all night, whenever you're wearing 'em.

Moisture Wicking & Odor Neutralizing

nothing to smell here—this layer banishes odors for endless freshness and keeps you dry.

Keeps Leaks At Bay

the inner layer helps protect you from unwanted leaks, letting you go about your business.

Outer Shell

our soft fabrics chosen for comfort.

Care Guide

  • Sink drawing

    1. Rinse in the sink.

    Rinse ‘em out first.

    Add some soap to make it nice and sudsy.

  • Washing machine drawing

    2. Throw in the wash.

    On laundry day, wash with your other clothes (they’ll be OK, we promise!). Steer clear of fabric softener & bleach!

  • Panties drawing

    3. Air dry.

    Hang ‘em up or lay flat to dry—whichever your heart fancies.

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Joyja Aidan Teens period-proof panty in color Amethyst Orchid and shape shortie
Aidan Shortie
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