Woman hand holding a shopping bag

The Real Reason Why We’re Having a Sale

Sophie Ross

You know we’re passionate about sustainability here at Joyja, which is why we don’t usually promote sales (or anything that has to do with conspicuous consumption, TBH). But here’s why we’re finally doing a major one. Spoiler alert: It has to do with sustainability, too.

To begin, it’s important to understand why regular sales are so harmful for the environment (aka, the reason why we don’t typically partake). While a sale on its own isn’t exactly a bad thing—in fact, it’s a great way for brands to unload leftover stock (which is more eco-friendly than the alternative), while reducing the cost of storage and freeing up cash and space for new products—regular fashion-industry sales are, indeed, wreaking havoc on our environment. 

Because sales garner so much attention and cash for brands, many of them will take the opportunity to mass-produce more products for the sole purpose of cashing out during a major sale. And while selling these discounted clothes, brands will cut corners during production to keep costs down, too. Many of these brands are even foregoing reasonable sales and trend forecasts in order to simply stock shelves with cheap, poorly made products during their regular sales. 

Basically, this means more products—of a lower, cheaper quality—are produced in the name of conspicuous consumption. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or sustainability expert) to tell you that’s no bueno for the environment: When you buy cheap clothes that don’t last long, you usually end up throwing them out, at which point they end up in landfills. In the lens of sustainability, it’s a good idea to look at your purchases as something that will be permanent in your wardrobe for a long time. (Which is what we strive for here at Joyja). 

So, there’s overproduction, and there’s overconsumption. But what happens when the demand is no longer there for some of the cheap, mass-produced products? Well, brands will do whatever it takes in order to sell leftover stock—whether it’s deceiving consumers about the actual discount they’re getting (aka, setting the “original” price as something far higher than what it truthfully was), to simply setting products to rock-bottom prices. 

So, yes, sales are typically problematic. 

But at Joyja, we want you to know that we never want to be part of the problem, and that we’re holding this sale for the sole purpose of getting rid of leftover stock in the most sustainable way possible. (And, yes, we also want to make some room for more sizes, styles, and silhouettes—because we know you’ve been asking for ‘em.)

The bottom line is: We don’t encourage conspicuous consumption here, and we’ll continue to be fully transparent with you about both our business model and sustainability initiatives. 

And because single-use period products are downright terrible for the environment, you may as well stock up on your favorite reusable styles (that will most definitely become permanent mainstays in your panty drawer).